"Big-data" is the buzzword of the decade. We find ourselves collecting vast quantities of data on the performance of our websites, blogs, and social media.

But how is this data being used?

If analysed effectively, this data can be incredibly valuable to your digital marketing strategy. At Sapio, we have created a model to turn this data into insights, and these insights into actions:



Tools such as Google Analytics, or Facebook Insights, help you understand how many people are accessing your content. We can analyse this information and report on what has/has not been successful


The content you produce for websites or social media has a purpose to drive traffic. Yet, it's often difficult to give a "value" to this content. By using a statistical model, we can define the ROI (return on investment) of the content. We evaluate what it would have cost to achieve the same results through paid for media.


Our statistical model shows how different factors contribute to the success of your content. e.g. what time of day you should post, what keywords you should use etc. We understand how factors can be adapted and combined to increase traffic to your webpages.


We work with clients to adjust their approach. We can help increase the effectiveness of your marketing activity.

We don't just count. We model so you can refine your activities and make the biggest impact.



We are also completely at home keeping things simple and guiding you through the kind of stats that aim to get high levels of coverage in the UK or internationally.