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Socially distanced lead generation – improving your online visibility

The advantages of paid search opportunities; How to increase the amount of visitors finding you on Google; Tips to attracting attention on LinkedIn

As a novel start-up in a poorly-researched space, we needed to validate the problems Whirli is solving. Sapio Research were fantastic partners from start to finish – creative in brainstorming angles, careful in designing the questions, and rigorous in analysing the results. The research brought a wealth of insights, backed by hard figures, for our business decision making and for us to talk about publicly in the press.

Nigel Phan

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The Together Project

Sapio Research’s charitable initiative enables The Together Project to raise funds to launch Crafting Connections.

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In this new world of ‘normal’, the emphasis to attract attention and generate leads is being placed more and more online, be it in search, on your website or with social media. This webinar brings together 3 of our Marketing Club experts to discuss actionable tips you can use to improve your online visibility and generate more leads, in a time when we all need them more than ever before!


  • The advantages of paid search opportunities
  • How to increase the amount of visitors finding you on Google
  • Tips to attracting attention on LinkedIn

Next event takes place on Friday 4th September. Register here.

Topics to be announced for the panel discussion and if you have any special requests, do let jane.hales@sapioresearch.com know.

Links to our previous webinars here:

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