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How to use data sources: United States Census Bureau

This is about the United States Census Bureau data, who can use it and how to use it.

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This is part of Sapio Research’s series: 16 Useful Desk Research Sources and how to use them

What is it?

The mission of the United States Census Bureau is to provide quality data regarding population and economy of the USA.

United States Census Bureau collects:

  • The Decennial Census of Population and House.
    • This includes all residents of the United States and takes place every ten years.
  • Economic Census.
    • The official five-year measure of American business and the economy.
  • Census of Governments.
    • Aims to identify how the nation’s state and local government sectors are being classified.
  • American Community Survey.
    • The primary source of information regarding population change in America.
  • Our Surveys & Programs.
    • Offers periodic and comprehensive statistics about the nation.
  • Economic Indicators.
    • The Bureau disseminates fourteen different reports on recognised economic indicators.

Who can use it?

The data provided by the United States Census Bureau can be made use of by various parties. It can be used to inform the U.S Congress and help communities make decisions about planning. Furthermore, The Bureau’s data is provided to federal, local, state and tribal governments each year.

How to use it
Select “Data” from the navigation bar.

Then select “Data Main”

The United States Census, helpfully transforms its data into visualisations which will be sufficient for the needs of most users.

I will use the example of National Pet Day. You are displayed with an easy-to-read data visualisation, the code needed to embed the graphic on your own site, or the option to download the graphic.

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