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How to use data sources: The World Bank

This is about The World Bank, who can use it and how to use it.

This is part of Sapio Research’s series: 16 Useful Desk Research Sources and how to use them

What is it?

The World Bank provides developing countries with resources and information. The World Bank group works for sustainable solutions that aim to reduce poverty by 3% by 2030, and increase the incomes of the world’s poorest 40%. The World Bank has funded 12,000 projects since 1947.

Who can use it?

The world bank produces annual reports and to promote innovation, its doors are open. It provides open access to its data, knowledge, and research. The World bank fosters competitive business opportunities. Their site has information regarding, Administrative Procurement and Operations Consulting.  

How to use it

From the homepage, select “what we do”, and select “data” from the drop-down menu, you can also access the research and publications from this menu as well.

From this page, you can search for data-sets, browse by country or indicator, review recently updated data-sets, select from the most recent data sets, and you even have the option to listen to a podcast about the data of a specific topic.

Using the search bar I can find the data-sets I am looking for, such as birth rate.  We are shown a chart tracking birth rate, related charts, download options and choices to view the chart by country and economy.

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