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How to use data sources: Full Fact

Full Facts is UK’s independent fact checking charity.

We were very pleased to discover their approach to developing and building out our brief and delivering additional assets to the project.

Tom Leeson
Industry & Value Marketing Strategist

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This is part of Sapio Research’s series: 16 Useful Desk Research Sources and how to use them

What is it?

Full Fact describes itself as UK’s independent fact checking charity. They define themselves as:

  • Independent – they are a registered charity and do not receive any government funding
  • Impartial – they remain neutral in debates and don’t support any political party or campaign
  • Effective – they push for corrections where necessary, and work with the government departments and research institutions to improve the quality and communication of information at source. As well as providing a fact checking toolkit to give people the tools they need to make up their own minds.

Full Fact provides information on a wide range of topics: Economy, Europe, Health, Crime, Education, Immigration and Law.

Who can use it?

Everyone. Anyone interested in getting information that is valid and reliable can use Full Fact and get valid research for free without needing any membership or account.

However, they do encourage donating, ‘We rely on your donations. Help us hold the media, politicians and pressure groups to account’.

How to use it?

As highlighted in the red box, you can click on any of the topics and get related news and research.

Or you can search for specific research on the top left.