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How to use data sources: Confederation of British Industry (CBI)

In this blog series we’re putting a list of reliable data sources together and a ‘how to guide’. Each post starts off with an introduction to the database’s purpose and who its aimed at and this one looks at the CBI.

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This is part of Sapio Research’s series: 16 Useful Desk Research Sources and how to use them

What is it?

The CBI is a not-for-profit membership organisation that aims to secure influence for its members and offer them the insight they need to grow into the future. The CBI represents their member’s views; they work with policymakers with the goal of delivering a healthy environment for businesses to succeed, create jobs and above all to flourish.

The CBI supports 19,000 businesses from a range of sizes and sectors. Overall, they employ roughly about 7 million people.

Membership to the CBI would benefit your business in three major ways:

  • Influence
    • The CBI can help shape pro-enterprise policies, which firms need to continue their growth.
  • Insight
    • Using their knowledge and multi-sector expertise the CBI helps companies grow. It conducts market leading surveys, forecasts, and analysis. Furthermore, the CBI offers practical support and advice on policy changes and the issues that impact on business success.
  • Access
    • The CBI has significant reach thus allowing their members to contact higher-ups in both the political and business spheres.

Who can use it?

The CBI describes itself as the “The UK’s most effective and influential business group”. It produces insights and analysis which can be used by companies of all sectors and sizes. Their content is freely accessible for anyone on their website.

How to use it

 From the homepage select “Insight & Analysis”.

The CBI offers insight in a range of sectors and provides:

  • Case Studie
  • Insight
  • Opinion
  • Support
  • Surveys

I am using a survey relating to construction as a example. To view the PDF report simply click the link and then your download will begin

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