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How to read cross breaks in excel data tables

Sapio research were a brilliant partner for our Electric is Now project, helping us hone the perfect survey to tap into UK consumers’ barriers, motivators and sources of influence when it comes to the purchase of electric vehicles. The resulting report has formed the linchpin of our agency’s new business strategy, with the accompanying launch event generating many leads, one of which has been converted into a piece of new business already!

Hannah Baker
Marketing and New Business Director
Foxtrot Papa Agency

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Cross breaks, also known as cross tabs, allow you to compare the results of a survey between two or more groups of people. For example, you may wish to compare how men have answered a survey question compared to women. These types of breaks can be found running horizontally across data tables.

Our video guide below runs through how to read the data within these groups and how to determine whether the differences are significant. We suggest expanding the video to ‘full screen’ to make the most of it!

Use our significance calculator to help determine whether the differences you have found are significant!

To make robust comparisons between groups we recommend having a minimum base of 40 responses within each group. The higher the base number, the more confidence you can have in the data or differences.

For advice on how to read data tables at an overall level, check out our first video guide.