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Are corporate Christmas gifts and experiences worth the effort in a lockdown?

With Christmas in the ‘new normal’ coming up, what is the appropriate way to engage with staff, prospects and customers now working from home for the festive period?

I do like Christmas. In its clumsy way, it does approach peace and goodwill. But it is clumsier every year – E. M. Foster

This is (nearly) the period of mulled wine, snow, mince pies, and marketing. Christmas time is hot for companies and their communications team – it’s a great moment to get in touch with customers, make them feel appreciated for the business they have done in the past, and prepare the terrain for the new year.

I, however, was skeptical that the logistics of gifting was worth it this year. Do people really appreciate corporate gifts? Isn’t a card or a festive email better? All good questions that we didn’t know the answers to. To settle it, we just did what we do best; we ran our own survey amongst 500 UK Business Decision Makers.

I have to admit the results changed my bah humbug approach regarding corporate gifting. Not only did we discover the impact of presents from a company, but also what kinds of gifts are most popular and why.  

It also provided some great context for a chat with fellow marketers Stefan Buzz and Lorrain Nugent who had ideas for Christmas gifting and promotion tips relevant to the situation this year.

Click on the link below to hear their ideas, or simply enjoy the infographic.


In this informal discussion and sharing of ideas, we will certainly give you new ways of looking at what to do for Christmas for your team, prospects and clients. We will discuss the following:

  • Corporate Christmas gift trends for 2020
  • Digital ideas to captivate your team and clients online
  • Using PR to build your profile at Christmas

If in doubt, ask your audience, that’s what we say. 🙂

If you’d like a copy of the report so that you can get a head of the game for next year, drop us an email team@sapioresearch.com

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