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Adding value to content research and helping you get the most out of it.

Advising on your target audience

Choosing the category of people that you want to survey is incredibly important. There is a balance between choosing an audience that matches your requirements exactly, and keeping the cost down. For example, to get good media exposure with your content, you may want to interview CEO’s in the FTSE 100. In reality, pinning these people down to conduct a research interview is difficult and costly. Instead you could interview C-level employees in large companies. This audience is senior enough to get good media coverage, but also more cost efficient.

When we quote for online polling, we’ll advise on different audience options. We’re realistic about what’s achievable, and know when online research won’t be the best route to meet your goals.  This will help you choose the specification that matches your budget. – We are passionate about quality, we want you to look good.

Checking Your Questionnaire

Want a great headline but don’t know what question will get you there? We’ve seen countless questionnaires, and know what works, and what doesn’t. With every project, we’ll look through your questionnaire, and offer suggestions. Our advice includes:

  • Relevant screening questions
  • The types of questions to use
  • Wording needed
  • Whether the questions will give you the desired headlines
  • The survey length

Finding Interesting nuggets of data

Top-line results from online polling can often create great headlines, but you may have to dig deeper to find the real gems.  The team at Sapio are experts in data analysis. If you need help finding stats that bring your story to life, we’re happy to crunch and analyse the data for you.

Helping to build your headlines

Whether you’re running out of time to release the research, or just need some help pulling out the headlines, we can give our own take on the story the data is telling. If we’re given some background around your client and the objectives of the research, we’ll know what to look for.

Checking your press release

Making sure your press release accurately reflects the data is important and not easy as stats can be confusing some times. We can check the statistics from your online polling and give you confidence that you’re giving the correct interpretation.

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