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Technology research is always bespoke, and that's because tech isn’t really one sector, it’s an amazingly complex network of applications, services and infrastructure.

Technology isn’t really one sector; it’s an amazingly complex world of complementary (and sometimes competing) applications, services and infrastructure with intricate interdependencies, different user groups and of course different decision makers. And that’s even before you worry about the different ways in which enterprises and SMB’s use and buy technology.

They are however, all linked by one common feature – the unrelenting pace of change. This means understanding the drivers of change, implementation rates, the issues users are really grappling with, barriers to adoption and even key areas of dissatisfaction are critical. However, genuine, objective insight can be hard to find among what is often just “noise”.

To research technology or even to create content around it you need to understand the technology, the issues surrounding it and the best way to research a market. CTOs, CSIOs and CIOs are often key targets but you don’t always need to interview them to understand what’s happening in their companies. Other IT decision makers are often better placed to answer specific, technical questions and neglecting the opinions of users can be a mistake.

Sapio Research understands technology companies, audiences and markets. We know the best people to research and how to reach them as cost effectively as possible. Above all, we spend time with clients to understand their real requirements and deliver technology research projects that provide insight without ambiguity.

Some of our technology market research projects have included: 

At Sapio, our consultants have been conducting market research with technology companies for decades. We don’t pretend to be technology experts, but we are experts in technology research. To find out how our market research services can benefit your company, give us a call or drop us an email.

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