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How including an insights proposal differentiates Marketing Agencies at the pitch stage.

The brief

A property developer in the South of England was preparing to launch a new brand, directed at a young, social and trendy audience, very different from the one they were used to. To get their new division ready to go, the developer invited Storm12, and another creative agency to pitch for the work on the launch campaign and the website. As the conversation went more into depth, Storm12 realised that their client was not completely familiar with this new audience and was open to finding more about them. So, they decided to include market research in their approach to inform their communion strategy and creativity.

Find out more about a new audience

Interviewing 252 people living in London or the South East, with an annual income of £15k or more

What we did

Storm12 got in touch with Sapio Research and together we built the plan and a questionnaire to pin down the new brand’s prospect audience. We wanted to discover what drives the home selection process, the barriers to purchasing a house, whether the builder’s brand has any influence, and the degree of location awareness the public has. In order to do that, we interviewed 252 people living in London or the South East, with an annual income of £15k or more. The survey was sent out to our online panel, and in a week we had our results back.

The outcome

The two creative agencies in the running gave the brand very different approaches. One had a purely creative take on the brief, the other, Storm12, the successful agency, offered more confident decision-making and deeper insights by using external research. The more thought-out pitch won the client.

The insights Storm12 went on to collect ensured their messages resonated with the most relevant audience and they had clear ideas on how the new brand should develop. As an added bonus it also produced a years’ worth of content to help amplify the brand launch.

The proposal supported with deep insights from the research won the pitch

If you’d like to know more about this project, watch our interview with Stefan Buss, Head of Client Service at Storm 12:

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