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Kimberly-Clark Professional

Validating user preference to support new product launch.

The brief

Kimberly-Clark Professional partners with businesses to create “Exceptional Workplaces”, helping make them healthier, safer and more productive. It manufactures and supplies out of home washroom, industrial wiping and PPE products, and introduces innovations into the market regularly. Although its own work identifies strengths K-CP recognises the power of having independent, objective proof that its products are better than the competition. To support product launches it’s essential that it has robust claims that can withstand legal scrutiny if necessary and be useable in a range of marketing content. Overcome the fact that customers and distributors have been used to using, buying and selling folded towels, and didn’t “think rolled”.

To support product launches with robust claim

Taking desired marketing claims, converting them into consumer research statements, and running them through an analysis framework

What we did

A large scale utility, performance and user preference testing project was designed. This took 200 office and healthcare workers through the process of simulating activities, testing and evaluating 10 separate products covering client and competitor samples, in a hall test environment.

Sapio have developed a pro forma that efficiently takes the desired marketing claims, converts them into consumer research statements, and runs them through an analysis framework. The project planning stage is also streamline and standardised.

As part of the approach Sapio has also devised a way of efficiently setting up and managing the tests with supervisors and interviewers who are trained and familiar with the type of simulations, rotation schemes, respondents and subject area. The approach allows us to deliver the results smoothly within 5 weeks of briefing.

The outcome

The results supported the successful launch of the product at the Cleaning Show 2017 and has since received coverage in highly targeted vertical press such as Cleaning & Maintenance Magazine. They have also formed the basis of proof for sales support collateral including YouTube videos and flyers.

It was the first Category Story, engaging internal and channel stakeholders alike. Kleenex® and Scott® Rolled Hand Towel was their fastest and most effective launch ever, in over 20 countries in 12 languages in just 2 months. The marketing campaign was shortlisted for a B2B marketing award.

Successful launch of the product

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