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Supply Chain KPI’s – Which really deliver?

The brief

To launch their new branding, Iptor, a provider of distribution management software, desired a supporting research piece to grab the attention of the logistics industry.

A supporting research piece to help launch their new brand

Interviewing 500 logistics professionals

What we did

Sapio Research interviewed 500 logistics professionals across the UK, US, Australia, Benelux, and the Nordics with an online survey.

The outcome

The research revealed the key challenges to supply chains included: complexities within, the trace-ability of products, and striking a balance between being cost efficient and sustainable. The research supported an event by Iptor attended by industry journalists, and received media coverage from a variety of outlets including Retail Times, Logistics & Supply Chain, and SHD Logistics, its even been referenced by other research companies as a highly relevant article as an authoritative whitepaper has been produced.

Media coverage from a variety of outlets

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