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Flight Club

Helping an agency succeed their campaign to increase visitors at the hand of trend spotting online quantitative research.

The brief

A themed London based bar wanted to launch the brand in new cities and locations. It wanted to do this in an elegant, on-brand way that wasn’t just another bunch of London luvvies demanding adoration from ‘the regions’ but instead ensured that the brand weaved itself into the local communities.

Launching the brand into the local communities

Geographically and profile targeted online quantitative research

What we did

To support the findings of focus groups in the cities of the planned launches, we undertook geographically and profile targeted online quantitative research to confirm some of the trends and local nuances, as well as getting more of an understanding of the culture.

The outcome

Identified tier one and two media and influencers were invited to the London venue before returning to their own location as advocates. The Agency then built bespoke creative themes to fit the fabric of each city and made sure that the right people turned up to the launch. ‘Flight Club Characters’ played by actors, brought the brands’ philosophy of fun, invention, luck and surprise to life.

During the Manchester campaign they increased traffic to Flight Club’s booking areas by 53%, saw 25,000 visit the Manchester page on launch day, and generated 487 pre-bookings in two months. They also generated 76 pieces of coverage.

The Agency has since been nominated for a CIM award for best use of Data and Insight – SME

Increase of booking areas
Visits on launch day
Pre-bookings in two months
Pieces of coverage

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