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Retail Consumer Behaviour

Increase your understanding of retail industry consumer behaviour and learn to tailor to your audience.

With conversation growing around changing consumer needs, shops on the high street and their ability to compete with online shopping, it has become increasingly important to have an updated understanding of retail consumer behaviour. Industry decision-making can be informed through retail consumer market research, something which is even important given the impact of COVID-19 on shopper spending habits.

Questions that could be answered through retail industry research to provide post-COVID-19 insights include preferences around online shopping versus brick-and-mortar stores and future spending habits as life returns to normal. Questions could also be fielded around brand loyalty, how discounts might influence shopping decisions and how shoppers would like retail to change for the future. Retail consumer research could help provide the answers to these and more.

Whether you’d like a region-specific audience to speak to or a worldwide scope, we can help you increase your understanding of retail industry consumer behaviour and pinpoint how best to tailor to your audience. Get a quote now.

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