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An introduction to our market research training:

You’ve landed on our training and coaching page, so we can assume there is some interest in widening your skill set, or learning more about how you can use research or stats within your current role.

You likely know your own field inside out, but you probably don’t live and breathe data and insight generation.  That’s fair enough!  Trends and research techniques change quickly and unless your full-time role is ‘researcher’, you probably don’t need to use them every day. Or perhaps you’ve tried something research-led in the past, but it didn’t deliver what you expected? Maybe you could do with a bit of a re-calibration? Or you could just simply be looking for an external perspective to a client problem. Whatever the reason, we can help.

About our Lunch & Learn sessions:

Whatever your ‘reason’, going back to “research-basics” or receiving tried and tested inspiration is great for both internal teams and client account development. Sapio’s Lunch & Learn Sessions are here to help you and your team hone your existing insights knowledge.  Whether you’d describe yourselves as ‘beginners’, or ‘experts’, we can tailor a session to give you all the know-how you need.

We want you to be confident in offering the best ideas to your clients. We want to you help break new ground and offer them something different and perhaps more strategic. 

At Sapio we offer 1-hour sessions, tailored around the experience of the team focused on:

For those wanting to go a little further we also offer

  • B2B market research training introduction
  • Desk research training
  • General market research skills coaching 

We’ve seen a growing need for CPD* among medium size agencies and our sessions have been received well.

Whether learning and development is at the top of your agenda or not, having the opportunity to step aside from the day job as a group can be invaluable for your creativity.

“The training we ran with Sapio was extremely useful for the whole team; from new members, through to experienced account handlers. Giving the team the time to step away from immediate client work, and think about new approaches to using insight in a way that can unlock conversations, drive brilliant creatives, and deliver killer campaign results has been game changing.”

— Elizabeth Jones, MD, Withpr

The sessions are led by one of our managing partners and will give you the opportunity to tap into to the latest thinking and decades of ‘objective’ strategic brand research and ‘validation’ content research. We’re experience research mentors too.

Get in touch with the Sapio team to book your session. Simply send us a message via our contact form, or drop us an email, or give us a call!

Or have a read of our tutorials or blogs while you think about it.

* Please note that we are not CPD accredited, but provide informal training which can make up internal training requirements, or be used as a top up, or alongside more formal CPD courses.

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