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The State of Marketing, Media and Content in times of economic uncertainty

How are businesses and decision makers reacting to economic uncertainty? What does the change in marketing budgets mean for in-house marketing? Read our latest Business Barometer to understand where marketers are focusing their efforts and how they're using their budgets.

July 2023

Businesses are doubling down, and marketing spend is on the rise!

In our previous edition of our Barometer at the end of 2022, 24% of respondents shared that they were already being impacted significantly by the expected recession. What does the overall marketing spend and trends looks like now, in times of economic recession?

Our recent Barometer indicates that businesses are doubling down. Marketing spend is on the rise with 49% of respondents reporting an increase for the next financial year.

What does the change in marketing budgets mean for in-house marketing?

  • Digital marketing comes first
    85% of those increasing their marketing budget will focus their efforts on digital marketing, particularly on social media, digital advertising and SEO.
  • More time and effort will be invested in AI
    Only 23% are currently using AI for marketing purposes, but this can be expected to rise very quickly with 27% planning to use it, and 34% expressing a desire to do so.
  • LinkedIn to boost content marketing
    26% said that they get their most valuable business-related content from LinkedIn. This shows the need for organisations to post relevant and targeted content that will bring value to their audience.
  • The rise of Retail Media Networks (RMNs)
    A cookie-less world is fast approaching and brands are finding ways to adapt. One of them is RMNs.
    74% of brands already have budgets dedicated to RMNs, and 78% either already use or plan to use RMNs at some point in the future.

Download our latest Business Barometer to understand how marketers and decision makers are reacting to economic uncertainty.

Methodology: This survey was conducted among 2,001 business decision makers in the US, UK, France and Germany, all of whom are part of organisations with more than 50 employees. Interviews were conducted online in March 2023 by Sapio Research.

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