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Sapio Research Finance Pulse

We’re launching the first edition of our dedicated research aimed at the financial & fintech sector – the Sapio Research Finance Pulse

In this report, we’ll talk about:

  • Money talks: voice of the consumer
    Exploring the issues consumer face in 2024 and offer practical ways for your business to win over new customers
  • The rise of AI
    Highlighting the impact of AI on both businesses and consumers, looking into the transformative effects, challenges and implications of AI adoption in today’s economy
  • The state of B2B payments
    Equipping your business with valuable insights to help you navigate the evolving landscape of B2B finance and make informed decisions

We also answer some of these crucial questions:

  • Are glimpses of economic recovery translating to consumer confidence?
  • Has crypto delivered on the hype?
  • Would investors take financial advice from AI?
  • What are the key reasons for customers to switch B2B payment providers?

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