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Quality in Market Research Panels

Learn about the typical issues surrounding data quality in market research and how to avoid them. Find out more about how to be confident in your data to produce industry-leading surveys and win a competitive advantage.

The importance of a data quality assurance process

Poor data will at some point enter your survey. The question is, why should you care if it does? And above all, what can you do about it?

As a research agency, we always ensure we provide high quality data to our customers, and with the right processes and rigorous checks in place it is completely possible to minimise the impact poor data has on our clients’ surveys.

In this report you will learn about:

  • The typical issues surrounding data quality in market research, the impact they have and our recommendations to avoid them. This includes our 3-step quality process and control:
    • designing premium questionnaires to meet your objectives
    • choosing the right panel supplier for your audience
    • conducting response quality checks and replacing data when needed
  • Tips and guidelines to become more confident of your data, make better informed decisions and win competitive advantage:
    • What to do and watch out for when commissioning research
    • What research agencies should do for you

For more resources on this topic, read our blog In data we trust and our tutorial Detecting Dodgy Research Data.

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