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Preparing for a recession?

Providing international market stats to understand how businesses are preparing for the future.

We heard the concerns about pulling budgets together with the looming threat of recession.

Given we have access to exceptional respondents we’ve decided to use our unique insight into the current market trends and give you the lowdown on what to expect looking forward. And so wave 6 of our Business Barmoter was created.

Sapio’s international business barometer is our way of shedding light on where the world might be heading. It’s more ambitious than the original barometer and will help astute businesses plan confidently and seize the opportunities. Particularly PR & Marketing Agencies!

You’ll not be left in the dark when you download our report, and it’s free.

Read about it in the press here.

What you can find in the 6th report

  • International business confidence
  • How close is the impending recession in reality
  • How business is likely to mitigate the recession
  • What it means for marketing spend

Audience: Sapio Research surveyed 500 business decision-makers, in the UK, Germany, Japan & US covering companies with 25 to 10,000+ employees, delivering 2,000 opinions.

Wave 6 Fieldwork: 8th to 16th June 2022

International Business Barometer

Providing international market stats to understand how businesses are preparing for the future.

Wave 5 results February 2021 – what business would do differently if the pandemic hit again

Wave 4 results June 2020 – changes likely to be sustained beyond COVID-19

Wave 3 results May 2020 – use of government support

Wave 2 results late April 2020 – shaping the new normal

Wave 1 results early April 2020 – anticipated short term impacts

Coming soon the next report will tell you:

  • How business-related content consumption has changed since the pandemic hit
  • What businesses want to hear about today

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