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B2B Barometer – Shining a light on B2B Marketing

Providing international market stats to understand how businesses consume media and what grabs their attention.

The research project has been such a valuable tool, both for giving us the confidence to proceed and for bringing funders on-board. As a relatively young, small charity, market research at this scale is not something we’d engaged in before, but the insights delivered means we’re definitely considering it for future initiatives.

Louise Goulden
Founder & CEO
The Together Project
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Demonstrating DocuSign’s thought leadership and ability to aid global Digital Transformation by helping them understand what consumers expect.

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Providing you with reliable insights on how business content is consumed during uncertain times.

While Covid-19 fades and new challenges loom on the horizon, Sapio Research’s business poll returns for a sixth wave, bringing you the latest trends on content consumption. Discover what professionals in the UK, US, Germany and Japan are saying about their preferences, and how you can can tailor your PR and marketing strategy to meet their expectations.

In the first part of our study we focused on how businesses are preparing for a recession. Now, discover how they keep informed, and where to place your content so that it always lands in front of the right audience.

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From this report you will learn:

  • The amount of time professional spend consuming content during the week
  • What their favourite channels are
  • What topics appeal the most to them

Audience: Sapio Research surveyed 500 business decision-makers, in the UK, Germany, Japan & US covering companies with 25 to 10,000+ employees, delivering 2,000 opinions.

Wave 6b Fieldwork: 8th to 16th June 2022

Man in White Dress Shirt Holding Phone Near Window - Picture by Andrea Piacquadio

B2B Barometer – Shining a light on B2B marketing

Providing you with reliable insights on how business content is consumed during uncertain times.

Wave 6 results late June 2022

Wave 5 results late February 2021

Wave 4 results late June 2020

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