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Quantitative Methods

Structured data and mathematical analysis shedding light on business, market and headline stats.

Thank you again so much for all of your tremendously hard and FAST work to secure us the research data in time, and to even get us your analysis deck earlier than we even anticipated! During that crazy sprint before the Christmas break being able to get extra thinking time to leverage the data was really appreciated.

With your help, we were able to successfully translate the findings to a finalised narrative and whitepaper outline pre-holidays, enabling the team to focus on finalising the whitepaper and supplementing it with case studies and quotes post holidays.

Sophia Brockman
International planning Director, APAC & EMEA
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Quantitative research is the best way to validate your theories and provide you with confidence in your actions. At Sapio, we use many methods to collect primary market research data. As experts in quantitative sample selection, we know the best techniques for every audience.

Online research

Online surveys are generally the most effective, and cost efficient method of collecting quantitative market research data.

We have access to over 40 million people worldwide and can interview a wide range of business and consumer audiences. We know the difference between panel profiles and are constantly finding ways to make sure the data is genuine and good quality. We have access to both B2B and B2C online panels for market research.

We know the consumer and B2B opinion polling panel industry inside out.

Telephone research

When conducting B2B market research or focusing on niche audiences, we recommend using a telephone approach, as they are often not accessible through online panels.

Partnerships with top telephone fieldwork agencies means we can deliver high quality structured data, at a fast turnaround.

Hall tests

A great way of testing the potential success of products before they go into market, conducting usage and attitude testing, or bench-marking current products against their competitors is to conduct a hall test.

Our experience in this area means we can advise on the best method and respondent tasks to ensure statistical reliability and confidence that lack bias.

Sapio Research is a London-based market research agency offering both quantitative and qualitative market research services.  View our case studies to see some of our recent work, or get in contact to talk to us about your research project.

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