Sapio's panel expertise:

Using our expertise you can monetise your contact databases:

  • We have experience in building online communities - We've previously built one of the UK's largest panels, that won awards in its prime.  We can offer assistance in a number of areas including: panel brand, website, panel recruitment, panel marketing and sales

  • We are experts in keeping your panel engaged - Once recruited, if your panel are not looked after, they will not be as interested in taking surveys. We can offer advice on activities you can do to keep them engaged, and maximise responsiveness of your panel. - The more responsive your panel, the higher your revenue

  • We can help you make the most of your panel - Our knowledge of, and contacts in, the market research industry means we can help you sell access to your panel, and our own market research projects

  • We know how to maintain quality - We've used global online panels for many years so we know what to look out for, so we can help you keep your panel genuine, response rates high and revenue healthy.


The concept of online research

We have this experience as we've been part of the market research industry which has been transformed in the last 10 years, with methods used to collect opinions moving online. Costs are lower, allowing a greater selection of companies to conduct market research projects.

You might help fill the gap in the market

Online opinion polling research is usually undertaken through what’s known as “community panels”. These are databases of people who have signed up to take surveys usually in exchange for cash rewards. Many of these community panels have thousands and thousands of people signed up. This makes reaching standard consumer audiences easy. For example, it would be of no great difficulty to survey 1,000 dog owners in the UK, US, and France. Yet, where it becomes difficult is when companies want to reach more niche audiences, which is often the case for market research in business. 

The more niche the audience, the harder it is to conduct robust online research with a large interview numbers. Companies resort to spending more on telephone or face-to-face interviews, or avoiding research altogether. The demand for niche audiences is high, but the supply is low meaning the gap is just waiting to be filled.

The opportunity for database owners

If you area publisher or company with a good contact database, (particularly if niche and up-to-date),  then it’s likely that you can build an online community panel. Companies will then pay to survey the respondents on your panel giving you a revenue stream. There are three keys ways the panel can be used:

  1. By yourselves to conduct research amongst your own database. 

  2. By market research agencies purchasing interviews with your panel through an online panel platform

  3. Assistance from ourselves by selling of research projects to end clients