Brief: To generate insight that would help position OpenText as thought leaders on Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 in the Manufacturing sectors in the UK and Nordics. The research needed to be insightful, build on what was already published, be interesting enough to present as part of OpenText’s Innovation Tour in London and Stockholm and provide collateral for a White Paper.

Execution: Extensive secondary research to identify topics and issues that had already been covered - and were trending - and then, in conjunction with OpenText, developed themes that would benefit from further original research. The original research needed to build on what was known, be of interest and help OpenText establish a Point of View.

Outcome: A telephone research study of 150 “C” suite decision makers that identified the drivers and challenges manufacturers were experiencing on their Digital Transformation journeys. While technology was a challenge it wasn’t necessarily the one people expected and the study also identified a whole new set of people orientated challenges that hadn’t necessarily been anticipated – the new skills shortage. The results were presented as part of OpenText’s Global Innovation tour, developed into a Thought Leadership piece and summarised in an Infographic.