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Emma’s virtual work experience

Getting work experience during lockdown doesn’t have to be like hitting your head against a brick wall.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sapio Research to any other organisation.

Gemma Spinks
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I was coming to the end of my master’s in early 2021, given the COVID-19 pandemic it was not a particularly good time to enter the world of work. I was coming up against a brick wall of companies saying, ‘sorry work experience isn’t possible because of work from home’. I decided to research how virtual work experience might be possible, when I came across Sapio, who very kindly allowed me to join them for two weeks.  

My goal was to get a taste of research and really understand if this was the correct career path for me. Catherine ensured I got to experience every element of the role. I was able to review and analyse data on multiple projects from around the world, create decks for client presentation. Additionally, I participated in client meetings and the more technical scripting and sampling side of a market researchers’ role.  

The team at Sapio were amazing, welcoming me right from the beginning, and were always on hand to answer any of my questions. As graduates we are often to focused on being hired by large corporations, but this experience has shown the benefits of working for a smaller business. Where team working, and team dynamics are key. Thank you so much to the Sapio team for the experience, and good luck with your future projects! 

By Emma Williams

And of course we were delighted to have you, and so pleased to see that you are doing so well. – The Sapio Team

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