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BAU, COVID-19 and Yes Minister

Business as usual for the Sapio team, with only international B2B telephone research put on hold so far and online holding up nicely.

As a workplace strategy consultancy, engaging effectively with our client’s employees is critical and Sapio Research is our go-to supplier for staff surveys. The process is always stress-free and turnaround times for both building the survey and providing the results data are very quick. I particularly appreciate the way Sapio Research demonstrate a real concern for quality and frequently make helpful suggestions regarding question formats or raise a query if something doesn’t look right in the question set. I have found them to be unfailingly helpful and responsive and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Judy Gavan
Associate Director

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Normally we’d prefer not to do any #SocialDistancing, but at the moment it’s probably best.  However, (and fortunately!) it’s still Business as Usual for the Sapio team.  We’re no strangers to working remotely and much of our work is online.

We wouldn’t normally make a big thing about providing fanatical service, but as we’ve recently had to decipher the meaning of ‘Are you BAU?’, we thought we’d let you know the state of play. 

  • Telephone research in Europe among business owners has had to be halted
  • Online response rates in the US seem to be down
  • F2F presentations have switched to video conferences
  • But globally one of our online sample providers has seen interview numbers 27.5% higher as compared to the same period last year – probably due to respondents having extra time on their hands due to self-isolation

Here’s hoping your family, friends and colleagues remain fit and healthy and Yes Minister hasn’t really got it right!

Let us know if we can help in whatever small way we can. And we’ll keep you posted when there are big changes to our work.

All the best,

The Sapio Research team

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