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Omnibus Surveys

Share survey set-up and operational costs with the other sponsoring companies to pay less.

The research project has been such a valuable tool, both for giving us the confidence to proceed and for bringing funders on-board. As a relatively young, small charity, market research at this scale is not something we’d engaged in before, but the insights delivered means we’re definitely considering it for future initiatives.

Louise Goulden
Founder & CEO
The Together Project

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Initiating a conversation to understand what was causing gender imbalance in the Fit Out sector.

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An omnibus survey works by incorporating questions from multiple clients onto a single survey which is run on a periodic basis. Incorporating your company’s market research into omnibus research provides you with a cost-effective route to a robust consumer audience, with results typically returned very quickly.

Paying to get on the omnibus allows you to share the survey set-up and operational costs with the other sponsoring companies who have also paid to have questions hosted on the omnibus, meaning you pay less. Just because the questions are all going to the same audience does not mean your question results are shared. Your questions and your results remain the exclusive property of your company.

Sapio Research’s offering is different from traditional omnibus market research, as you can start the survey whenever you’re ready.

As a full service market research company, we offer bespoke research projects at a competitive cost, negating the need for omnibuses. We can help with questionnaire design, analysis and reporting so that you get the most insightful and useful data from your research.

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