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Winners of #10KFORTEN announced

The deserving winner of our #10Kfor10 competition is announced. It was a tough decision as a lot of deserving causes got in touch, however our votes were unanimous.

The fact that the data was so unique really helped get the coverage.

Ian Morton
Campaigns Manager
Campaign Collective

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A Guest blog by our friend Steve Brewer of Burtt-Jones & Brewer

For the majority of us, one thing we all pretty much take for granted is having a roof over our heads. Whether at home or at work, being warm, dry and safe is something every citizen in the UK should be granted.

A shelter is a fundamental essential to human existence, which is why here at Burtt-Jones and Brewer HQ, we’re delighted to announce that we will be working with Shelter UK as the successful charity who will benefit from our gift of time.

Only yesterday in the news, Shelter UK reported that ‘three million new social homes must be built in England over 20 years to solve the “housing crisis”. Shelter’s report went on to state that 1.3 million homes are needed to house those in greatest need – including homeless people and those living with a disability.

We look forward to collaborating with Sapio Research and Henigan Consulting in delivering the important work required for Shelter UK and sharing the progress, creative ideas and insights with everyone. Ultimately we aim to improve and enhance the working environment of those working at Shelter in order for them to excel in providing the valuable support to those in such great need.

The responses we received from our #10KforTen opportunity left us feeling incredibly humbled. And to choose the successful charity was much harder than we thought. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to get in touch, tweet and share our project idea in celebration of our company recently turning ten years old.

For more information about what we’re offering see our previous post.

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