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Supporting charities through crisis

Market research can have a hugely positive impact on how charities engage with and serve their clients, stakeholders and supporters, and we want to help!

Like many organisations in many different sectors, charities are facing tougher times than ever.

According to Charities Aid Foundation’s latest report, UK charities are now more than ever in need of support. Their recent research highlighted a substantial decrease in donations (from £11.3 billion in 2020 to £10.7 billion in 2021), with cutbacks happening in response to the rising cost of living. Furthermore, the trend towards fewer people giving is now firmly established and the report found that one in eight donors are also considering cutting back on or reducing donations to charities.

The trends from 2021 have been exacerbated by the Cost of Living Crisis. In June 2023 the National Council of Volunteers (NCVO) launched its Time Well Spent report, concluding that in its current form volunteering is in decline. Around 40% of organisations asked noted a reduction in both the number of volunteering hours and the number of volunteers.

The stats are hard to ignore, and as many of our readers already know, we are passionate about helping those in the third sector and feel strongly about giving back to our community. With all of this in mind, we are delighted to announce that we are once again running our Charity Giveaway Campaign.

Why offer a piece of research?

There are countless reasons why we’re doing this. The first and main one is that research is an invaluable asset for any company, and we are in a position to offer our expertise to those who need it the most. These days, few good business-critical decisions are made without data-driven insight to ensure clarity and confidence. However, we know that not everyone has the means to access this insight, and often, they are the people working in the third sector including charities and not for profits.

Market research can have a hugely positive impact on how charities engage with and serve their clients, stakeholders and supporters, and we want to help!

We’d love to once again partner with a charity to make a difference together, so that we can reach more, raise more and help more.

All our research projects are tailored to the organisation, and this is no different. We appreciate that everyone is different and will work with the winning organisation to help them get the most out of their project.

“When we founded Sapio Research, we knew we wanted to do more than just the day-to-day business.  If we were going to start our own company, we wanted to embrace the opportunity to give back to our communities.
At Sapio, this takes many different forms.  

One of these is providing our research expertise and the valuable insight it gives to charities via our annual giveaway.  We aim to provide charities with the research free of charge, so that they can access this service that they may otherwise be unable to budget for. And we are delighted to do so. 

The hardest part is being unable to offer the research to all entrants, but as we grow, we plan to grow the giveaway so that we can help as many organisations as possible.”

Jess Bunce, Co-Founder and COO

For more information and to enter please visit our Charity Giveaway page.

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