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Sapio at Cannes Lions 2022

We’ve got a proven track record of helping clients raise their visibility and make confident decisions.

Thank you again so much for all of your tremendously hard and FAST work to secure us the research data in time, and to even get us your analysis deck earlier than we even anticipated! During that crazy sprint before the Christmas break being able to get extra thinking time to leverage the data was really appreciated.

With your help, we were able to successfully translate the findings to a finalised narrative and whitepaper outline pre-holidays, enabling the team to focus on finalising the whitepaper and supplementing it with case studies and quotes post holidays.

Sophia Brockman
International planning Director, APAC & EMEA
We communications

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Sapio Research is coming to Cannes Lions 2022! That’s right, we’ll be there all week and we can’t wait to meet you all.

We’re coming to Cannes to meet as many of you lovely creative people as possible. We fundamentally believe that our FFFF (Friendly, Forthright, Flexible and Fast) philosophy makes us a valuable resource for anyone with a ‘reach for the stars’ mindset. With our approach, we can help you meet your deadlines on branded communications with flair and relevance.  

We’re also determined to get you more comfortable with data. After all, it’s our bread and butter. We understand that figures might not be in everyone’s comfort zone. However, our skill and experience mean that you can achieve your objectives for award winning campaigns.  

Cannes Lions represents a tremendous opportunity for us spread the word of creativity inspired by insights and raise the profile of PR within the festival.  

We’ve got a proven track record of helping clients raise their visibility and make confident decisions.  Now, Remek, Jane and Andrew want to hear about you and your business so that we can establish long-lasting and fruitful partnerships and do the same for you.  

You can find us at ICCO’s House of PR, 8 Boulevard Jean Hibert, located next to the marina, adjacent to the Radisson Hotel from Monday June 20th up until Friday June 24th.   

See you soon!  

We might not have our own yacht, but you'll find us near the marina

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