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Research 101: Become your own market research expert, free webinar

Join our free workshop sponsored by Clean Growth, to provide a snapshot of research methodologies and how it can help you develop your business model, market position, products and messaging.

Market research is likely a concept that everyone would say they are familiar with. However, what you may be less familiar with is the actual ins and outs of research and what it can achieve. So, the goal of our free workshop sponsored by Clean Growth UK is to provide a snapshot of research and how it can help you.

Market Research is essential to any successful business plan. It helps you develop your business model, your market position, your products and your messaging. Increasingly businesses need a deeper insight into their target audience and a greater understanding of the emerging market trends. Armed with market research insights, you can confidently forecast future trends and make informed decisions.

This workshop will give you the tools and knowledge to carry out market research yourself.

You’ll come away with the ability to unearth research-driven insights that will elevate your marketing, brand, and pitches to investors and funders.

Getting insight does not have to be a one dimensional process. There is a plethora of methodologies on offer. Whether it is an online survey, in-depth interviews (IDIs), focus groups or field tests (among others), the research framework is there to meet demands, so we’ll cover these too.

The workshop will be highly interactive with breakout sessions tailored to your own situation.

We’ll cover:

● How to write a research brief
● Data collection techniques
● Desk research
● Getting qualitative data
● Making sense of data
● When to turn to the experts

Sapio Research is proud to be working with start-up organisations driving clean and green innovation.

Essential information

  • Date:   21 February 2023
  • Time:   9:30am – 12:00pm
  • Venue:   Online

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