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Our Team Charities For 2022

It’s a Christmas tradition here at Sapio to make donations to charities chosen by our wonderful team. And as the years progress and we grow, it’s such a satisfaction to be able to help more causes; this year, 17 charities will receive a donation of £200! Here is why we chose them.

It’s a Christmas tradition here at Sapio to make donations to charities chosen by our wonderful team. And as the years progress and we grow, it’s such a satisfaction to be able to help more causes; this year, 17 charities will receive a donation of £200!

The range is vast – from animal shelters to children’s education, to foodbanks, to mental and physical health – and it’s lovely to see it expand as our team grows.

Find here the list of charities the team selected, along with a few words on why they made their choice:

Asthma + Lung UK

“One of the impacts of COVID-19 is of course respiratory issues, something I know well myself. This charity has been particularly busy finding ways to help people breathe more easily. Without breathe where would we be…?”

“I’ve chosen the charity because asthma has been something I have experienced first hand and I know how difficult it can be to manage – especially in the colder months. More so now with the increasing cost of living and energy prices. I was inspired by the work they are doing to help those with debilitating respiratory conditions (fundraising, support groups, access to help with living costs)”

Logo - Asthma + Lung UK, charity


“I’m choosing BookTrust as they are working with food banks, social services and community organisations to give surprise books to children who need them most. I love books, and hope that this enables children to experience the same joy, and escape into a new, magical world for a few minutes a day.”

Logo - Book Trust charity

Breast Cancer Now

“I’ve chosen this as my charity this year as I know how devastating a diagnosis can be, not just for the person diagnosed but for their family. The charity do a fantastic job of supporting both men and women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. I hope that the research they do will one day lead to a cure.”

Logo - Breast Cancer Now, charity

Charlie Watkins Foundation

“I’d like to donate to is the Charlie Watkins Foundation. Charlie was someone I grew up with and it means a lot to be able to support a cause in his name.”

Logo - Charlie Watkins Foundation

Choose Love

“Choose Love is a wonderful charity that support people who are at their lowest, being displaced from home without a welcoming place on the other end is just so not okay.”

Logo - Choose Love, charity

City Harvest London

“I’ve chosen City Harvest London due to the increasing cost of living that we have seen recently. Given the rise in people seeking support from foodbanks, I thought City Harvest London would be a great charity to donate to and help them ensure they can keep helping those living in our area to ensure they have access to meals.”

Logo - City Harvest London, charity


“Around 1/4 of a million households on any given night experience homelessness. Crisis do fantastic work to help those in need of it most.”

Logo - Crisis charity

Dog Trust

“Reason for it is that that (as my colleagues know) I love dogs and I think they do such amazing and important work giving a home to rescue dogs. Almost all the dogs my family and I have ever had have been rescued. It makes such a difference to them and to our lives too”

Logo - Dog Trust charity

Environmental Justice Foundation

“EJF’s incredibly significant work focuses on environmental and human rights abuses and driving international action for lasting change. With the negative impacts of climate change already disproportionately affecting certain places more than others, this lens is crucial for many people’s survival and lives.”

Logo - Environmental Justice Foundation


“They work towards reducing food waste and hunger within the UK. For me, these are important issues to address, given the struggles with the cost of living and the environment.”

Logo - FareShare charity

Last Chance Animal Rescue

“We got our dog from Last Chance Animal Rescue 15 years ago. They rescue dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs, and put a lot of effort into making sure they go to a good home – and into caring for them for as long as they need to. Our dog passed away this year, so I’d like to make a donation in her memory.”

Logo - Last Chance Animal Rescue

Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary

“I decided to mix up my charity choice this year. The Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary have two sites, one of which is in my home village. The charity is a 24 hour emergency rescue service for British wildlife – they take in foxes, badgers, birds, squirrels… any kind of wildlife, and house and nurse them until they are healthy enough to be let back into the Wild. I have a huge love for animals and have used the services of the Linjoy Charity a few times now. They rely solely on donations (no government funding or grants), so I hope our donation will have a positive impact.”

Logo - Linjoy Wildlife, Sanctuary and Rescue


“The charity I am choosing is Mind because of their efforts into improving mental health awareness and resources to the public!”

Logo - Mind charity

The Natural Death Centre

“In the past few years I’ve strived to cultivate a positive relationship with my own mortality. Western culture typically tries to hide death. It’s something we try not to think about, that we speak of as little as possible, which is ironic since it’s our only certainty. But hushing a subject only breeds fear and suspicion, while speaking about it can help us understand it and even embrace it. Therefore, this year I’d like to donate to the Natural Death Centre for two reasons; first, it’s a charity that aims at educating people about all the aspects of death and dying. Second, they run the Association of Natural Burial Grounds, plots of land across the UK that are being protected and preserved by having people buried there; I plan to be a resident one day.”

Logo - The Natural Death Centre charity

Sussex Pathways

“Sussex Pathways is a criminal justice charity working within prisons and communities to try and reduce offending behaviours and empower ex offenders to make positive life choices. I have chosen to donate to Sussex Pathways as I think they facilitate change for the better and help support offenders to be the person they want to be; a real part of the community and not just re-integrated.”

Logo - Sussex Pathways charity

Tough Enough To Care

“I am lucky to have an incredible support system from friends and family and Tough Enough To Care can be just that for men of all ages and backgrounds, when they need it. I hope donations like this can help raise awareness of their services and they can continue to support friends and family and all those in need.”

Logo - Tough Enough To Care, charity

Whale and Dolphin Conservation

“Whales have been my favourite animal since I remember, especially after I learnt about their hard past with humans. I’m donating to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation because every whale and dolphin is counting on them to help end captivity – the fate for many Orcas that are bound to an aquarium for entertainment – as well as stopping whaling, creating more healthy seas, and preventing deaths from fishing nets.”

Logo - Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity

Check out more of the work Sapio does with charities:

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