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Our Team Charities For 2021

As we near the end of this year we once again asked our team to try and choose just one charity each for us to donate £100 to. I think this gets harder every year – there are so many worthy causes out there and the pandemic has highlighted so many in need.

As we near the end of this year we once again asked our team to try and choose just one charity each for us to donate £100 to. I think this gets harder every year – there are so many worthy causes out there and the pandemic has highlighted so many in need. The benefit of having a growing team, means that we can reach a few more of them this year. Last year we donated to 10 charities and this year (with our expanded team) we are donating to 15!

In addition to the team’s chosen charities, we are donating the equivalent value of gifts that we would normally send out to our fabulous client. Thus, this year in addition to the 15 charities chosen by our team, we are also donating £1,250 split across:

Below you will find our team’s chosen charities, as well as a sentence or two explaining each choice. There is so much compassion, emotion and personal experience exhibited in just a few words.

Terrence Higgins Trust

“I’ve recently watched It’s a Sin, and found it heartbreaking. Whilst a lot more is known about AIDS and HIV now, I’d like to support Terrence Higgins Trust this year to provide help to those that need it, and support their mission to end new HIV cases in the UK by 2030.”

Terrence Higgins Trust Logo


“Centrepoint are dedicated to helping homeless young people get back into education, training and employment. I believe this is something very important to strive for and to help those that are struggling in London, as London is a big city and can often be difficult to feel heard in. Their aim to end youth homelessness by 2037 is an incredible point to work towards and anything that can help towards that is worthwhile.”

Centrepoint logo


“It is so sad how prevalent homelessness is in London and how common it is to see people sleeping rough. It is a particularly harsh reality in winter when temperatures drop below 0 and you start to feel cold…you can’t imagine how cold it must be for those sleeping rough in these conditions. I often find it difficult to know how to help these people and what kind of support is best. However, StreetLink enables members of the public to connect people sleeping rough with the local services that have the expertise and know how to support them. As an individual, your support only goes so far but via StreetLink it feels like you have a better chance of helping more people.”

Streetlink Logo

SSAFA London and South East

“I’d like to donate my £100 to these guys who give out food parcels to retired Gurkhas who aren’t entitled to a pension and walk Plumstead Common everyday because their landlords chuck them out to save money on heating.”


“There are many causes I’d love to give my donation to, but for this year I have chosen the Royal National Lifeboat Institution’. They are literal lifesavers! And don’t always get the positive praise they deserve.”

RNLI logo


“I’ve chosen Mind because the pandemic has had a huge impact on mental health – through isolation, financial stress, grief, and all the other knock-on impacts of COVID and lockdown. It’s hard to access mental health services, especially with the current strain on the NHS, and there’s still a lot of stigma.”

Mind logo

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

“This year I would like to donate to the WWT, the peatbogs need our help”

The Good Food Institute

“My chosen charity for the Christmas donation is The Good Food Institute. Their work is geared towards creating environmentally sustainable food systems and reducing the reliance on the meat and dairy industries, by researching and funding alternative protein innovation. For me, these are two pivotal areas that build towards a better, more sustainable future.”

GFI Logo

Alzheimer Research UK

“I’ve chosen this charity as it’s a very personal one to me and my family. I’ve also witnessed it again through close relatives this year. Not only is it an awful disease to suffer from, but the struggle it places on family members of those affected is huge. With life expectancy increasing, it is becoming more and more common so I would like to support research into preventing this horrible disease.”

Alzheimer Research UK Logo

Cancer Research UK

“Cancer is still an ongoing battle and all donations can help fund more clinical trials and scientific research to save lives of those who suffer from this illness.”

St Francis Hospice

“I would like to donate to St Francis Hospice in memory of my god daughter Amy. I had never been in a hospice until Amy was in St Francis. It is, surprisingly, a very happy, serene place and the staff are amazing. They gave Amy wonderful treatment and they continue to help her parents and sister deal with her death through counseling. They are always at the end of a phone for them.”

Saint Francis Hospice logo

Canine Partners

“I nominate the Canine Partners charity because these assistance dogs transform (both physically and emotionally) the lives of those with even the most complex disabilities. They assist with everyday tasks which are difficult, painful, or impossible for individuals with a disability to perform. They also help individuals build independence, motivation, and self-esteem again.”

Canine Partners logo

Stroke Association

“When my grandma had a severe stroke, the Stroke Association provided a great deal of support and advice and were pivotal in helping us as a family find a ‘new normal’. Having passed away last year, I would like to donate to the Stoke Association in my grandma’s memory.”

Stroke association logo

Cats Protection

“Coming from a cat-loving family, where during school holidays my son and I use to volunteer at our local SPCA to play with kittens to socialise them and get them ready for adoption, amongst other chores. This gave me the opportunity to see firsthand what goes into the protection and care of unwanted animals as well as the work and funds needed to do this, hence charities like this being close to my heart. Protection of the vulnerable who can’t speak for themselves.”

Cats protection logo

Beat Eating Disorders

“I would like to donate to them as I have suffered from eating disorders myself when I was younger, and I know how difficult it is to find help, get proper treatment and to fully recover. My hope is that our donation can contribute in some way to help other people with eating disorders, in finding the support and care that they need to get out of such a dark place.”

Beat eating disorders logo

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