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Our Chosen Charities For 2020

The Sapio team have once again chosen a wide-ranging selection of worthy charities to donate to.

2020 is nearly at its end. A year like no other, but everywhere you look you can find acts of community, of kindness and people going about their jobs; putting their health at risk to look after us, teach our children, collect our bins, keep our cupboards stocked, and countless other things we have always taken for granted.

Before we continue, let us explain that last December we decided to donate £100 to a charity chosen by each member of the Sapio team

Choosing a charity then was hard, but this year it became even harder with many of them requiring extra funds to help them meet the increase in demand for support.

Yet, the Sapio team have once again chosen a wide-ranging selection of worthy charities to donate to.

And this year we are doubling the donations to £200 per charity. This increase comes from the budget that we would normally spend on sending gifts to our clients.  We have still done that because we believe everyone needs a little extra love this year. But we also know that some emails dropped into spam, didn’t deliver and others requested directly that we put the value to charity.  So, we want to share with you our chosen charities this year, as this is not just our gift to them, but yours too through your kindness and generosity (and email filters…).

Each team member has provided some explanation as to why they chose those specific charities.  We’ve not matched the individual with the charity, but we have shared their words.


“The increase in rates of domestic violence during lockdown are horrifying. As a result Refuge have seen an increase in demand for services and need funds to continue to offer support to as many people as possible. Hopefully this donation will help give someone that support.”

London Wildlife Trust

“I volunteered for them before I started and it was an amazing experience helping out at their Camley Street natural park as it’s being refurbished, and the people volunteering are great. I think it’s really important to look after the green spaces we’ve got in a city as congested as London, and looking after the nature we’ve got here!”

Marie Curie Hospice in Newscastle

“Maggies make life’s most difficult moments a little more bearable. Their knowledge, experience, compassion and patience is a helping hand and guiding light through a difficult process.”

Christian Aid

“During Christian Aid week in May I’d usually be pushing envelopes through the door to collect donations. Of course during lockdown this year it wasn’t possible so I thought I’d make my contribution in a different way this year.”

The Trussell Trust

“The Trussell Trust are a fantastic charity that not only fund food banks but also seek to end hunger in the UK. With the devastating impact the pandemic has had on our communities, and the work the Trussell Trust is doing to help those in need, I’m very happy to donate to this worthy cause.”

National Autistic Society

“My chosen charity is the National Autistic Society – my brother is autistic and Covid has meant a lot of activities for autistic/disabled people in our community have closed, temporarily or permanently, so it’s been a really hard time for them.”


“They helped me personally during some very dark times – I don’t call them often now, maybe once every six months, but I keep supporting them”

Independent Food Aid Network

“Proud to give to the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) for their vital work in supporting hundreds of food banks nationwide whilst campaigning for systematic change so that everyone in this country can afford to buy quality food”

Throat Cancer Foundation

“I nominate Throat Cancer Foundation as I lost a close family member near to Christmas from this disease. Although the top risk factors that cause Throat Cancer are drinking and smoking, she did neither of these throughout her life, so I would like to support research into both prevention and cures”

Cancer Research UK

“I’ve chosen this charity as I know many women who have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer over the last few years.  I know what great work they do in trying to eradicate this disease.”

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