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Hoping for vivid dreams not nightmares

We may be in a permacrisis, but it’s still important to plan and balance the achievable with the dreams, here is why.

This time of year gets me both nervous and excited. I have to stand up in front of the whole team and tell them how we’ve done against the goals we set 12 months ago.  I also have to get them excited about our plans for the year ahead; balance the achievable with the dreams in times of uncertainty. 

It’s never nice admitting you’ve failed (why is it so difficult to fill those vacancies?). And being British it’s not always comfortable receiving praise for achievements (keeping staff satisfaction at 9/10, yeah!) 

Being held accountable for what you say you are going to do is important though. It helps you focus.

Deciding on our strategy and the ‘rocks’ to be held accountable for has been a learning curve for us (I wish I knew in my 20s or even 30s what I know now!).  However, I don’t just want to grow myself, I want to unlock the potential of the entire company – according to research in the book Multipliers, the average company is only utilizing 66% of the potential of their people – that’s a 34 percent waste!

I appreciate that many of the things that will be reported on, and route maps set out will go over the heads of some of the team. But each year we do it, we get clearer and its human nature to need things repeated.  

Even if the team doesn’t remember the specifics though, the away day will give us a great opportunity for some fun.  How often do you get to do geese herding?   

Or do jigsaws  

Or play foot golf on company time, with company money? 

We call the day our Vivid Vision meeting, inspired by the CEO Whisper Cameron Herold, (who if you ever get the chance to see, do!).  

So, this week, along with Jess & Andrew I’m looking forward to sharing vivid dreams and doing some more crazy team activities.  Happy 2023! 

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