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Hip, hip, houRAR; we’re Recommended!

We’re chuffed with gaining the Recommended status as it’s based on feedback from our clients.

When insights are required to drive engaging content that delivers actual business outcomes, Sapio Research have been invaluable.

Tom Buttle
President & Managing Director
MWW London

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We are what one of our partners Delphine terms ‘a mature start-up’.  Not a phrase you’ll find in the dictionary, but probably rather apt.

There isn’t likely to be one defining moment that signifies when we go from ‘start-up’ to ‘established’, but I’d say within our first seven months we’ve probably hit a few major milestones. We’ve hired our first employee Hibba and achieved Recommended Agency status, which is fantastic.  

We’re particularly chuffed with gaining the Recommended status as it’s based on feedback from our clients. You can’t just buy your way onto the Recommended Agency Register (or RAR, as it’s more commonly known).

We are delighted that so many happy clients have been prepared to vouch for us, and without them we’d not have a business. Thank you! It makes our jobs far more rewarding.

Self-publicity doesn’t sit comfortably with us, and the confidential nature of many of our projects means it’s often difficult to talk about what we’ve achieved with our cleints. Nothing can really beat a direct client testimonial though. 

The process is in effect practicing what we preach, putting ourselves forward for review and feedback, subjecting ourselves to the kind of rating system we often do for them. The results of which will hopefully reasure new clients we are a start-up with integrity that can be relied on. 

If you’re not familiar with RAR, allow us to explain…

What is the Recommended Agency Register?

RAR is an online directory of some 6000 marketing agencies who work across all sorts of marketing and advertising specialisms. It’s run by the company who publish The Drum, the UK’s biggest marketing industry magazine and website that has just gone global.

In The Drum’s own words:

We help clients find their perfect agencies. And we help agencies find their perfect clients.

So far we’ve been recommended for 4 of our services:

  • B2B Market Research,
  • Content Strategy/Creation  
  • Quantitative Research
  • Online Market Research

Not bad for a start.. 🙂

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