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International Research

International research comes with its own challenges:

  • Understanding cultures and their distinctions.
  • Identifying and reaching the audience you want to target.
  • The subtlety of language.
  • How to analyse and compare results to account for cultural differences.

We’ve conducted market research internationally for numerous clients across a myriad of areas:

  • Insight for global PR campaigns – raising the visibility of brands and associating clients with key issues and topics.
  • Brand health checks – essence, awareness, attributes and associations, consideration, reputation, rational and emotional benefits.
  • Persona creation – understanding the needs and drivers of individuals and creating campaigns that will resonate with specific groups.
  • Product development and message development – understanding the potential for a new or adapted product or service, the barriers to uptake, the unmet needs and the price people will pay.
  • Feasibility studies – does the market offer a viable opportunity (‘go’ or ‘no-go’) and if it’s a go how can the product or service be introduced and marketed to best effect.

We don’t just “do” research. We work with clients to disseminate findings and develop marketing strategies that will deliver.

Our travels through the world of international market research have equipped us with the tools and knowledge to navigate its obstacles.

Why work with us?

At Sapio, we are methodology agnostic and work with partners around the world to ensure that the nuances of local markets are fully understood, but critical to our work is the development of online panels. These have completely changed the options and associated costs (in a positive way) for international research and we can access in excess of 80 million people across more than 40 countries worldwide. Global research studies can be conducted in two weeks if necessary and we’ve carried out both consumer and B2B research in EMEA, APAC, USA, Canada and South America.  In fact, across every continent except for Antarctica – we love penguins but they’re just not that communicative.

Unlike penguins however, we’re always happy to chat and even if you just want to pick our brains about what’s feasible and ballpark costs we’d be delighted to share our experiences.

Sapio Research is a London-based, B2B and consumer market research agency. We have an experienced team of researchers that can offer both qualitative and quantitative research services and tools to help you gain a deeper insight. View our case studies to read about our recent research.

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