How long will the research take? What is the process and next steps?

1. Scoping and research design

We’ll have a chat with you to understand your needs and clarify your objectives, including:
-the themes and topics you want to talk about
-the story and headlines you want to create

We can also check what’s already been published or shared, and help with ideation and questionnaire design.

To get you the insights you need, we will recommend:
– the best audience to survey based on who you want to speak to
– the best methodology & approach to efficiently reach your goals

Finally, you’ll have the final sign off so we know we’re all happy and good to go!

2.Conducting the research

This is the part where you just let us just get on with it and work our magic. We’ll be busy with fieldwork,
surveying your audience and asking them the right questions to generate your insights.
We’ll be in touch and keep you posted on progress.

3. Providing the insights you need to build a great story

We can provide the results in any shape or form, from simple data tables to fully designed reports and whitepapers.
Just tell us what you need and we’ll deliver it!

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