The research is for my client – can you invoice them directly?

The contract is with whomever signs our statement of work, so if your client signs this, then the invoice will go directly to them. So, yes, we can invoice the client but let us know before we start.

How do you make sure the data is good quality?

We have a number of ways to make sure that there is no dodgy data. Please read our full report on “Quality in market research panels”.

For example, trap questions help us to recognise whether someone is not reading the question properly. Detection software and algorithms are used to spot when someone is answering randomly or whether the survey is filled out by bots.

We also make sure that people are who they say they are as people may just try to get extra money. Our partners comply with ESOMAR, MRS, ARF, MRIA, AMA, AMSRO and Insights Association standards, plus our national ISO standards, so there are rigorous processes all the way through.

It’s important that we carry out quality consumer surveys for comms research as the client’s reputation shouldn’t be put at risk through poor quality responses.

How and where do you run training sessions?

We’re happy to adapt to your needs. You’re welcome to join us in our London Bridge office, or we can come to you providing that you’re based in London. These can also be hosted online if your team is based remotely.
We can compile the training into one workshop or run a series of sessions about a particular research theme or topic.
Finally, you don’t need to be an existing or active customer to benefit from our research training services. We’re happy to help even if you don’t have a survey booked in with us!
Feel free to get in touch with us so we can understand your needs and recommend the best way to help you and your team!

Do you have examples of your work?

Yes, we have many examples of past work in addition to what’s on our website. Please drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to send them across to you.

How can you help with marketing assets based on the research?

We’d be delighted to help you promote your research findings by producing whatever marketing assets you need. Our in-house creative team can work from your brand guidelines and design fully branded marketing assets (e.g. whitepapers, blogs, infographics, etc.), or just produce copy and content in whatever format you need.

What will the headlines be?

We cannot guarantee what the headlines will be; audience behaviour can be difficult to predict. Besides, if you know the results for sure, what would be the point in the survey?
However, we can advise you on how each question supports headlines and the type or reliability of opinions you might get.

How are the respondents paid?

Panel members are paid for participating. They earn money or points based on the amount of time they take to complete the survey. These incentives are included in the costs we give you.

Can I have the contact details of the respondents?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you the contact details of the respondents as everything is done anonymously and confidentially.

Can you interview my customers or my potential customers?

Yes, if you have their contact details, we can certainly do this in the UK or internationally. We are the experts for this type of research. We can also advise you on the best people to interview, how to access them and the sample size needed.
Just tell us the kind of person who would be a good customer for you.

We can provide you with a link to the survey so you can directly send it to your contacts/customers. We advise clients to send the link themselves as trust is higher (and consequently response rates), and we will collect the data that comes back through that link anonymously.

How do you get the right people for the survey?

We have over 20 years of experience in the B2B sector, working in technology, business services, manufacturing, built or logistics.
We can run large online B2B surveys or conduct 1-1 interviews – just tell us what you need and we’ll work from there.

We also conduct research in other sectors such as not-for-profit or retail. For this type of research we can interview the audience of your choice, or approach panellists – they usually have agreed to complete surveys in exchange for rewards (money, points etc.). They respond to adverts or loyalty programmes inviting people to join. Sometimes they directly ask to join the research panel or they are invited to join through a telephone or email campaign.

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