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A consumer’s attitude affects not only how they interact with products or brands but also which products and brands they engage with – and (whether a good or bad thing) these attitudes are ever-changing. To stay ahead of the curve, you’ll need to understand these consumer attitudes inside out – what they are, where they come from, and who holds them. This understanding can be best achieved through conducting consumer attitude research.

It is especially crucial to understand consumer attitudes at times of change, such as launching a new product, brainstorming a marketing campaign, embarking into a new market, or during a huge societal shift, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Conducting a consumer attitude survey at these times can shed light on what consumers relate to, what they find cool and on trend, and what their pain points are. Customer research can help to gauge the opinions that customers hold, not only for a product or brand, but of an industry or sector in general.

Whether you need to conduct research directly for a particular brand, or simply want to understand more about consumers within a certain sector, we can carry out the surveys to uncover those consumer attitudes. These will give you the insight and tools required to really know your customer, and help raise your profile to a market leader standard.

We can interview your existing customers directly, using your contact list, or provide ‘proxy’, alternatively called potential customers of a similar profile who can answer your questions.

This type of research is not limited to full-scale projects (or budgets); it can also be used to enhance new-client pitches. We have conducted many mini surveys with customers to understand them and their attitudes towards a certain product or service, often leading our agency clients to win their client pitches.

With a customer attitude survey, you can ensure that your business is at the forefront.

Sapio’s consumer research services include:

  • Brand – Clear brand positioning and resonance is vital in a highly competitive landscape. Understanding the emotional drivers of people is particularly important to inform relevant messaging and ensure that the organisations aims are still in tune with public sentiment.
  • Service and proposition development – Keep abreast of the trends and varying perspectives as the world changes around us to inform your innovations. Test fully formed ideas, or collect nuggets to inform your a go to market strategy.
  • Reputation building and visibility – Understanding gaps in the public’s knowledge of a medical condition, political situation or aim of an organisation can lead to interesting, profiling raising debates. Done well, it can further your cause and positive impact.
  • Customer satisfaction and retention – With the effort to obtain every client it’s important to keep your ear to the ground and understand where you stand in terms of word of mount recommendation through understand your Net Promotor Scores and those of competitors.
  • Segmentation – Identifying different archetypes and what is important to each is increasingly critical for targeting, personalisation and content creation.
  • Personas – Sizing the segments and identifying their outlying characteristics enables us to create buyer or user personas, and choose who to focus your efforts on.
  • Channel – Who do they listen to, what are they interested in, where do they hang out, what need are they fulfilling? What do you need to be doing to garner their support?
  • Opinion polling – Quickly ask survey questions around sentiment, topic understanding, behaviour or preference. You don’t need to wait for an omnibus to leave the platform to get a few consumer questions our there.

Whatever your challenge, our consumer business research services will help you achieve your objective. We offer bespoke market research programmes to suit any budget.

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