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Consumer Insight Surveys

Determine the gaps in customer needs, the issues they face and uncover the current market landscape.

Sapio has been a wonderful partner to work with. They listened closely to our business goals and objectives and created a research design that best fit our needs.

Jamie Bothwell
Director of Marketing (Northern Europe)

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Consumer insight surveys are a quick and cost-effective way of getting a deeper understanding of customer behaviour. The use of data is vital to informing marketing efforts and business strategy. A simple opinion survey with customers can help to gather insights from the minds of your target audience and enable you to make these business decisions even faster.

Given the uncertainty of today’s world, customers’ needs and opinions are constantly shifting, and the impact of COVID-19 has meant that operational issues affecting the customer journey need to be rethought; this is why it is essential to get ahead with the help of actionable insights. The most successful companies are those that can act in their customers’ best interests. By listening to your customers’ voices, their new situation can be met.

Through running an opinion survey with us, you will be able to reach tens of thousands of consumers from across the globe. Whether your target audience is pet owners, hardcore gamers or frequent holidaymakers, consumer insight surveys will help to determine the gaps in customer needs, the issues they are faced with and help to uncover the current market landscape.

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