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Consumer Feedback

Field your important questions and quickly get useful insights to inform your future decision-making.

Sapio Research were a pleasure to work with, Jane was quick to pick up on our specific needs and turn around our complex, multi-national, small business research in a matter of days. We look forward to having the opportunity of working with her and the wider Sapio Research team again in the near future.

Michael Stovell
Commercial Manager

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Consumer feedback surveys can be crucial to ensure your business can continue to grow and adapt with customers’ wants and needs. Sometimes it can be hard to reach a wide variety of your customers to gauge opinions. A consumer satisfaction survey can help solve this. Through online questionnaires that can have a worldwide reach or a country-specific target, you can field your important questions and quickly receive useful insights to inform your future decision-making.

Consumer satisfaction surveys can be particularly useful when releasing a new product or brand, or simply updating an existing one. You can discover the common pain points customers have experienced in the past, how open they are to change, and find out from them what they would like introduced. A consumer feedback survey can also help build personas to help envision your target customer and help the development of new ideas.

Here at Sapio Research, we have past experience with a variety of consumer feedback, such as testing audience perceptions of a name for a new brand across worldwide audiences and in different languages, in order to verify the feasibility within different cultures. To find out how you could conduct your own customer research and receive a quote, head to our calculator.