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Consumer behaviour surveys

Develop a deeper understanding of your customers and hone your sales and marketing strategies.

When insights are required to drive engaging content that delivers actual business outcomes, Sapio have been invaluable.

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As a consumer behaviour agency, we understand that as human beings we are all subject to myriad motivational pushes and pulls when it comes to how we behave as consumers. Through consumer behaviour surveys we can add the “why” to the “what” and in doing so we can gain insights into how you can tip the consumer decision making scales in favour of increased sales for your business.

Relevant questions to ask your customers in a behaviour survey include: How does a product or service fit into their life? Are they motivated by convenience, cost or brand loyalty? Are they influenced by others? If so, who? What are there consumer experience pain points? Are there certain intrinsic beliefs which motivate them? Are there specific demographic or psychographic profiles which define a likely pattern of consumer behaviour? In an increasingly online retail world, do pre-sales triggers differ between the online and bricks and mortar environments?

Partnering with a consumer behaviour company to field these, and questions like this to your consumer market will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of your customers and to hone your sales and marketing strategies.