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Consumer Attitude Surveys

Gauge the opinions that customers hold for a product, brand, or of an industry or sector in general.

A consumer’s attitude affects not only how they interact with products or brands, but also which products and brands they engage with – and (whether a good or bad thing) these attitudes are ever-changing. To stay ahead of the curve, you’ll need to understand these consumer attitudes inside out – what they are, where they come from, and who holds them. This understanding can be achieved through conducting consumer attitude research.

It is especially important to understand consumer attitudes at times of change, such as launching a new product, brainstorming a marketing campaign, embarking into a new market, or during a huge societal shift (the COVID-19 pandemic for example). Conducting a consumer attitude survey at these times can shed light on what consumers relate to, what they find cool and on trend, and what their pain points are. Customer research can help to gauge the opinions that customers hold, not only for a product or brand, but of an industry or sector in general.

Whether you need to conduct research directly for a particular brand, or simply want to understand more about consumers within a certain sector, we can carry out the surveys to uncover those consumer attitudes which will give you the insight and tools required to really know your customer, and help raise your profile to a market leader standard.

This type of research is not limited to full-scale projects (or budgets); it can also be used to enhance new-client pitches. We have conducted many mini surveys with customers to understand them and their attitudes towards a certain product or service, often leading our customers to win their client pitches.

With a customer attitude survey, you can ensure that your business is at the forefront. Use our rate calculator now to find out how you can propel your business in this way today.

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