Unlocking engaging ideas and angles at the beginning of a campaign

ContentPlay is fun and gets you in the mood. We design for you a set of games and play experiences that will familiarise your team with the audience, the competition and popular topicswhile getting to know one another in an informal, barrier breaking environment.

Your ContentPlay experience will be one session. What matters is that, by the time we’re done you’ll have achieved:

- A shared understanding of the challenges you face

- Ideas and insights that to accelerate your project

- Fresh ideas and angles including an external perspective

- Content generation ideas

The hardest part of coming up with something new is letting go of something old. That's why ContentPlay starts out in the clouds and works it's way to something a little more down to earth, and not the other way round.

The problem is 'anchoring'.  As soon as you set out what you know, what you know becomes the anchor against which everything is measured.

But what you don't know is where the creativity is.  So, instead of starting with what you know we help you explore the unknown. And we do it with play.  - We help you quickly assimulate target audience research, what competitors are doing, and how the brand wants to be perceived so you can use them as into creative inspiration.

We'll help you get your creative ideas in order and turn them into something useable. - If that happens to need information gaps being filled, or a survey designed we can help with that too. - Alternatively, it might give you enough to jump into your unique B2B or digital content marketing straightway with confidence. 

Sapio Research delivers ContentPlay in association with creativity consultants Sabre Tooth Panda, with whom we've also developed the service DataPlay to help you come up with the narrative and killer insight.

Learn more about how this new service all began.