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Understand your audience, improve your communications and achieve real engagement with your messaging.

Sapio has been a wonderful partner to work with. They listened closely to our business goals and objectives and created a research design that best fit our needs.

Jamie Bothwell
Director of Marketing (Northern Europe)

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Charles Russell Speechlys

Policy recommendations based on insights from the Social Care Sector to reinforce the firm’s positive reputation.

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In times of uncertainty and change, such as that caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, both internal and external communications are vital to keep people informed. Communications research can be crucial in gauging attitudes and opinions of both your workers and/or your customers in order to tailor your methods of reaching them, speaking to them, and discovering which stories to tell.

As technology and trends continue to evolve, one example of what comms research can discover is the best means of reaching audiences. Is email still a viable comms resource? Is video the future of putting messages across, or are there new technologies your audiences are familiarising themselves with for you to invest in and stay ahead of the curve? Are there age or regional differences in opinions? How does your audience like to be spoken to?

Comms market research can help answer these questions and more, in order to build a better understanding of your audience, improve your communications and achieve real engagement with the messages you’re putting out.

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