At one level it’s liberating, you don’t have to message around a product, push the latest product developments or talk about the features and benefits and why they’re better than the completion.   But, at the same time the blank canvas can be just as daunting. Sapio understands the challenges associated with selling and marketing business services and provides market research that helps you deliver more effectively.

Where Sapio can help

  • Service and proposition development – Inevitably business services are close to clients, the market and even prospects so they have a really good understanding of how things are changing and what might work. Arguably you know more than us, but we bring: balance, objectivity and have no agenda
  • Reputation building and visibility -  Unlike product centric companies, service led organisations quite often struggle to find themes and topics to message around. Sapio Research works with service organisations to develop research led content initiatives that raise visibility, build reputation and strengthen the brand.
  • Customer satisfaction and retention – As noted above, service orientated businesses are close to clients (or they should be) but sometimes closeness brings its own challenges. Clients often don’t like to share their frustrations for fear of upsetting someone they work with (and probably rely on), even when they’re asked direct questions.  We bring a level of impartiality and neutrality that helps to identify problems before they occur. Whisper it quietly, but we can even identify new opportunities that aren’t identified through direct questioning.
  • Brand evaluation and positioning – Business service brands are defined by: delivery, experience, emotions, relationships, touch points, reputation and expertise (amongst others). This makes them unique and challenging to understand and evaluate but understanding how your brand is seen and what clients and prospects look for in a brand is more critical than ever.  Sapio researchers are experts in brand evaluation and positioning.

Whatever your challenge our business research services will help you achieve your objective and we offer bespoke market research programmes to suit any budget.