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Construction & Built Industry Market Research

Of all the industries we work in, the built environment probably has the most complex decision-making processes and potentially the widest range of business activities. From civil engineering and infrastructure to workplace fit outs and refurbishment, we understand the markets and how to access and engage with the company stakeholders that influence and make decisions.

The built environment has a complex range of stakeholder groups and we have presented results to regional decision makers as well as multinational PLC’s.

Understanding your target audiences is essential to creating approachable marketing materials, especially for organizations that operate primarily in highly specialised industries. By incorporating your audience’s values into what you say and how you say it, you can tap into their emotions and keep them interested in reading.

Topics we’ve addressed via market research in the construction industry and built environment include:

  • Wellbeing in the corporate workplace and its impact on productivity and presenteeism
  • Customer satisfaction, retention and key drivers of dissatisfaction
  • Market opportunities and new service introduction
  • Market sizing by sector and region
  • Stakeholder influence analysis and customer journey mapping
  • The impact of the environment and sustainability on decision making
  • Brand evaluation, positioning and competitor analysis
  • Message resonance testing and communication effectiveness evaluation
  • Gender imbalance and its impact on the built environment sector

So, whatever the size or shape of the information challenge, Sapio can help. Even if you’re just trying to work out what your company needs to understand, we’re always happy to chat and share our experiences.

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