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Brand Research

Create and curate strong, distinctive brands by understanding perceptions.

Brands aren’t esoteric; they’re an organisation’s fundamental connection to their customers. Understanding the way the brand is regarded, the associations it enjoys and its position in the market are essential for it to remain relevant, appealing but to still maintain its core proposition.

Strong brands enjoy powerful bonds that deliver: loyalty, recommendation and additional revenue opportunities. However, they aren’t static. They’re dynamic and change over time, as do peoples’ opinions of them. There’s nothing new about this but, what is new, is the speed with which opinions and attitudes towards a brand and the competitive landscape change. Being aware of these and finding a cost effective way of evaluating them is critical to ensure the brand remains relevant and appealing.

Our bespoke market research services can provide information and data on:

  • Awareness and visibility levels and how these differ by audience group.
  • The characteristics of your brand.
  • How your brand differentiates from the rest of the market.
  • What customers value in a brand.
  • How your brand can be positioned to address customers’ needs.
  • Consideration levels for your brand.
  • Competitive threats and opportunities.
  • How the brand should develop (e.g. due to changing opinions, changing market).
  • Implications of brand architecture.

What can Sapio do for you? 

Sapio is a London-based brand research agency.  We have an experienced team of qualitative and quantitative researchers that can offer the following brand marketing research services and tools to help you gain a deeper insight.  We have a wealth of experience conducting brand understanding research – please click here to see some of our brand perception and awareness research.

Just some of our brand market research tools and techniques:

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