It’s been over a year since Sapio Research was incorporated and we’ve had a few people ask about our name.  What does it mean? How do you pronounce it? Why Sapio?  Well, it’s time you had some answers!

What does it mean?

Many have heard of “sapiosexual” (defined as a person who finds intelligence sexually attractive or arousing).  We probably aren’t a group of sapiosexuals but our name incorporates the ‘intelligence’ aspect of sapiosexual.  “Sapio” is a Latin verb which, like many Latin words, has several similar meanings.  Sapio can mean ‘I have sense…’, ‘I taste of…’, ‘I understand…’ or ‘I know…’.  It is this sense of understanding, knowledge and discerning that we have drawn on. 

How do you pronounce it?

We pronounce it Sa-pee-oh.  This may not be how a Classics scholar would pronounce it (if you happen to be a Classics scholar do get in contact to let us know), but given Latin is no longer a spoken language and it’s our agency we can make it what we want!

Why Sapio?

As a market research agency, we set out to understand our clients’ needs, and through this we create a research project which will allow both us and our clients to gain knowledge and understanding (relevant to their research question) and discern the story from the raw data.  We understand the research problem and we know how to solve it.

Simply put, “sapio” is a verb that we feel encompasses our aims and ethos as a research agency.